COVID19 Record of Health Status

People entering the APY Lands regardless of the reason/s, MUST meet ALL of these minimum requirements (Entry Criteria) and be prepared to sign or verbalise a declaration that they have done so. The Intent is to ensure (as much as possible) the person is not infectedwith coronavirus disease.APY will be processing permits in alignment with the SA State Border restrictions and continue to work in partnership with SAPOL. Restrictions are outlined and updated on the website: http://

APY will NOT accept entry from anyone from a known COVID Hotspot

  • APY will require all current Permit holders either Individuals and Organisations to indicate on the Health Record Status form, when       they will be leaving and returning to the Lands.

  • The declaration can also be obtained verbally and without a signature by answering the questions on this page

  • It is only an 'individual' (or the accompanying adult in the case of a dependent child) who can verify their own health status. An           organisation or family member/friend cannot complete the form on behalf of the person applying to enter.

  • Applicants are requested to please continue to fill in and send through the other requirements National Police Checks, Health               Assessment and Risk Assessment along with your Permit / Notification application

The Health Status Forms must be submitted 72 hours prior to travel for assessment

Current Permit Holders travelling off the lands and intend and back to lands

Please provide your Contact Details

Please answer the following questions

If you answered yes it is suggested that you contact your doctor
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APY Record of Health Status    Version 1