Covid - 19 Risk Managment Plan - Individual

Individuals can apply for entry using this Risk Assessment template to support their application for entry to the APY Lands. This is a guide only and the intent is to assist you in developing a plan to manage risks in a way that APY will endorse. The aim of an APY COVID-19 Risk Management Plan is to identify points of contact (risks) between yourself and the people of the APY Lands, to put in place appropriate controls to minimise such exposure.

Permits will assess the risks involved and how you intend to manage or mitigate them. APY will assess the reason for entry, the work involved, the length of stay and what measures are in place to reduce the risk of introducing COVID-19 into the community. APY will need to agree, the way the activity is being engaged in will minimise the exposure to COVID-19.

Please tell us a little about yourself

Please tell us a little about your travel in the last two weeks


Please tell us your intended route and Entry point to the APY Lands

(Note all travellers are rquired to submit the appropriate forms to obtain a permit/notification into the APY Lands)

The Following Pages will ask you to Provide a Description of your Activities and Travel while on the APY Lands

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara would like to thank you for you time in filling out your details and for your continued support in helping to keep communities safe

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